The best dog walker machine

Does your dog have to rehabilitate after a surgery? Does your dog have joint problems or obesity? Do you want to keep your dog fit and vital? Then choose the Dogmill: the strong, but quiet dog walker machine. The treadmills for dogs are available in different models, from large to small. Not sure which treadmill to choose for your dog? Check here the best suiting model. There are different models: Treadmill / Slatmill / Carpetmill do you want to know the differences? Click here! Give yourself and your dog a Dogmill!

How does the dog walker machine works?

The dog walker machine of Dogmills is designed specifically for dogs, is completely run on own muscle strength and therefore not driven by electricity. This allows the dog to decide when and how fast he or she wants to walk. Moreover, the treadmill was designed to prevent undesired pressure on the joints and to prevent the dog from falling off. The dog walker machine of Dogmills is used amongst others by kennel holders, rehabilitation centres, veterinarians, dog breeders, trainers of the police and army and of course by private dog owners. The treadmill of Dogmills is also used for behavioural therapy.

Fit and vital with the dog walker machine of Dogmills

When a dog runs this is an asymmetrical movement (the dog runs slightly aslant), which can lead more quickly to an overloading of certain joints or muscles, similar to sudden turns. While walking on a treadmill for dogs, the dog walks in a straight line which is the healthiest form of movement for a dog to attain a great stamina.

Order the Dogmill

You can order our dog walker machine directly online. Are you curious about the operation of the Dogmill? View our photos and videos. Do you have any questions or would you like advice? Please contact us.


Easy to install - Lightweight - Compact

The Dogmills Trackmill is the ideal tool to give your dog a complete workout.

The 2 stands are 40 meters apart. The red 80m line is connected to each other as a large 40m long loop.
This loop is clamped around the 2 pullys.

You can stretch the line to the maximum by fixing the stands with the 4 ground pins.

Thanks to the solid connections, the pulley with the electric motor and the pressure switch
can be connected to the case with integrated battery.

By pressing the pressure switch, the pulley starts rotating and the red line starts to move.
The speed can be determined by yourself, depending on how often you press.

There is a piece of material on the red line that moves due to the movement of the red line.
The dog will go after this. As a result, the dog runs back and forth over a distance of 40 meters.


Easy to install - Lightweight - Compact

The Dogmills stackingbox is a solution to position your dog in a perfect posture for a podium finish in any show. The stackingbox is available in different sizes and with two options for non-slip surfaces.